Business Experience

Business Experience

Business Experience Jonathan Poland

Business experience refers to any work experience, including paid employment, freelance work, and contributions to family businesses or personal entrepreneurial ventures. On a resume, this experience is typically listed in chronological order, with the name of the business and the individual’s role as a heading. Each heading is followed by a description of the relevant business experience. Some common types of business experience include:

  • Paid employment in a corporate or small business setting
  • Freelance work or independent contracting
  • Contributions to family businesses or personal entrepreneurial ventures
  • Internships or other job training programs
  • Volunteer work or community service related to a business or organizational setting.

Examples of business experience might include:

  • Worked as a marketing assistant for XYZ Corporation, where I helped to develop and implement social media campaigns and coordinated events.
  • Provided freelance graphic design services to several small businesses in the local community, including logo design and website development.
  • Contributed to the daily operations of my family’s small business, including managing customer service and inventory.
  • Completed a six-month internship at ABC Company, where I gained experience in financial analysis and market research.
  • Volunteered as a mentor for a local nonprofit organization that provides business education and support to low-income entrepreneurs.

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