REIT – Residential

Real Estate Investment Trusts that acquire, develop, manage, and dispose of residential properties including apartments and single- and multi- family mortgages, manufactured housing, and mobile-home parks and other residential properties. The residential property industry involves the ownership, operation, and management of residential properties, which are buildings or structures that are used as a place of residence. Residential property companies may own and operate a range of residential properties, from single-family homes and apartments to condominiums and townhouses. The industry is closely tied to the broader real estate market and can be affected by factors such as housing prices, interest rates, and economic conditions.

Top Companies
  • AvalonBay Communities
  • Equity Residential
  • Invitation Homes
  • Mid-America Apartment Communities
  • Sun Communities
  • Essex Property Trust
  • UDR
  • Camden Property Trust
  • Equity LifeStyle Properties
  • American Homes 4 Rent

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