Job Orientation

Job Orientation

Job Orientation Jonathan Poland

Job orientation, also known as onboarding, is the process of introducing new employees to the company and their role. It is designed to help new hires become familiar with the organization, its culture, and their responsibilities.

There are several steps involved in job orientation, including:

  1. Introduction to the company: This typically involves a tour of the facility and an overview of the company’s history, mission, and values.
  2. Introduction to the team: New hires should be introduced to their coworkers and supervisor, and should have the opportunity to ask questions and get to know their team.
  3. Review of policies and procedures: It is important to provide new hires with information on the company’s policies and procedures, including guidelines for attendance, dress code, and code of conduct.
  4. Training: New hires should receive training on their specific role and responsibilities, as well as any relevant systems and tools they will be using.
  5. Ongoing support: It is important to provide ongoing support to new hires as they adjust to their role and the company. This can include ongoing training, as well as regular check-ins with their supervisor or HR representative.

Job orientation is an important process that helps new hires become productive and successful members of the team. By providing a thorough and organized onboarding process, companies can ensure that new hires feel welcomed and supported as they transition into their new role.

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