Test Marketing

Test Marketing

Test Marketing Jonathan Poland

Test marketing involves testing different marketing strategies or variations on customers in order to gather data and evaluate their effectiveness. It is a way for businesses to experiment and try out new ideas in a real-world setting, and can be a useful tool for innovation and risk management. By testing marketing strategies on a smaller scale, businesses can get a sense of how they might perform when they are rolled out more widely, and make adjustments or changes as needed before committing significant resources. The following are common examples of test marketing.

Products & Services
Selling products and services on a limited basis before a full product launch. For example, a donut shop that tries 50 new donuts in two locations each to decide which to launch on a nationwide basis.

Customer Service
Customer service changes that are introduced as a pilot. For example, a restaurant that introduces a no tipping policy together with an incentive program for employees to earn bonuses when customers are satisfied.

Customer Experience
Customer experience testing such as a hotel that experiments with a floor for parents with small children and babies. The rooms on the floor have features such as cribs, toys and complimentary diapers.

Distribution experiments such as entering a new region or country on a trial basis.

Experimenting with pricing structures and strategies such as a telecom company that introduces flat pricing in one city to measure the impact on demand.

Promotional experiments such as testing variations of an advertisement on a limited basis before a major campaign.

Brand related tests such as releasing a new logo variation to see if it impacts brand recognition and sales.

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Test Marketing Jonathan Poland

Test Marketing

Test marketing involves testing different marketing strategies or variations on customers in order to gather data and evaluate their effectiveness.…

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