Market Fit

Market Fit

Market Fit Jonathan Poland

Market fit refers to the extent to which a product or service meets the needs and preferences of a target market. A product or service with strong market fit is well-suited to the needs and desires of its target audience, and is likely to be successful in the market.

There are several factors that can impact market fit, including the product or service’s features, pricing, and positioning in the market. It is important for companies to carefully research and understand the needs and preferences of their target market in order to develop products and services that have strong market fit.

There are several ways that companies can assess market fit, including conducting market research, gathering customer feedback, and analyzing sales data. By understanding the market demand for their products and the factors that contribute to their success, companies can make informed decisions about product development and marketing strategies.

In conclusion, market fit is an important consideration for companies looking to successfully bring products and services to market. By thoroughly researching and understanding the needs and preferences of their target market, companies can develop products and services that have strong market fit and are likely to be successful in the market. The following are illustrative examples.

An airline with superior customer service may fulfill an underserved need if competitors have low customer satisfaction.

Digital Access
A mobile app allows customers to order a ride in a market where the tradition system for ordering a taxi was based on an ambiguous system of taxi stands.

Supply Shortfall
The only restaurant in a neighborhood that gets a reasonable number of tourists.

Shifting lifestyle choices such as a growing demand for artisanal foods.

Fashion trends such as a sudden seasonal demand for a particular style of dress.

Problem Solving
Solving a pressing problem such as managed business software that removes the complexity of owning and operating your own platforms.

An institution that provides a reputable, valuable and marketable education for low cost.

A mobile plan that offers unlimited bandwidth when all competing plans in a particular market charge for data.

The only flight from Tokyo to London that gets Japanese food right.

A car navigation system that people find a delight to use when competing systems have slow, cumbersome and poorly considered user interfaces.

Low impact shoes for people with a bad back.

Creating new two-sided markets such as an app that lets people rent out their apartment to vacationers.

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