Brand Engagement

Brand Engagement

Brand Engagement Jonathan Poland

Brand engagement refers to the interaction between a customer and a brand, and can be used as a way to measure the effectiveness of a brand’s products, services, environments, and communications. The definition of a “valuable interaction” may vary from one organization to another, and some companies may view brand engagement as a key driver of revenue while others may view it as a less important metric compared to financial metrics such as customer lifetime value. The following are common types of brand engagement.

Purchases of a product or service.

Loyalty Programs
A customer joins a loyalty program.

Products & Services
Time spent interacting with your products or services. For example, customers may spend hours a day interacting with a game.

Visits to a physical location such as a showroom or an electronic location such as a website or app.

A customer contacts you.

A customer interacts with your promotions & communications. For example, a customer opens a catalog you sent them.

A customer seeks out your brand by name. For example, the number of people searching for your brand on a search engine.

A customer subscribes to a service such as a newsletter.

Mentions, Shares, Likes
Mentions and interactions in media such as social media.

Word of Mouth
A customer recommends your product to a friend.

Views of content such as a promotional video for a new product.

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