What Is Requirements Quality?

What Is Requirements Quality?

What Is Requirements Quality? Jonathan Poland

Requirements quality refers to the extent to which the requirements for a project align with the business goals and support the successful execution of the project. There are several criteria that are commonly used to evaluate the quality of requirements, including:

  1. Completeness: Do the requirements cover all the necessary aspects of the project?
  2. Consistency: Are the requirements consistent with each other and with the overall project goals?
  3. Clarity: Are the requirements clear and easy to understand?
  4. Feasibility: Are the requirements feasible to implement within the constraints of the project?
  5. Testability: Can the requirements be tested to ensure they are being met?
  6. Traceability: Can the requirements be traced back to their source and traced forward to their implementation?
  7. Prioritization: Are the requirements prioritized in a logical and meaningful way?
  8. Accuracy: Are the requirements accurate and free from errors?
  9. Relevance: Are the requirements relevant to the business goals and objectives of the project?
  10. Maintainability: Can the requirements be maintained and updated as needed over the course of the project?
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