Relationship Building

Relationship Building

Relationship Building Jonathan Poland

Relationship building is the act of establishing and maintaining social connections with others. This is a crucial business skill that forms the foundation for reputation management, influence, successful negotiations, and long-term commercial partnerships. By developing strong relationships with others, businesses can improve their reputation, gain influence, and close deals more effectively, leading to sustained success in their field.

The process of developing new social connections by meeting people. This generally involves engaging the people around you in both physical and digital locations. This benefits from participation in strategies, programs, projects, initiatives, events and conversations. Individuals who are good at networking are heavily involved in the change and events that are capturing attention at a moment in time.

  • Communication
  • Cultural Capital
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Small Talk
  • Social Status
  • Storytelling

Building relationships where people view you as a leader such that they look to you for strategy, plans, decisions, designs, solutions, knowledge and analysis. Leadership provides direction in the face of uncertainty and acts to unify the efforts of multiple individuals towards common goals.

  • Abundance Mentality
  • Choice Architecture
  • Ethos, Pathos & Logos
  • Heliotropic Effect
  • Leadership
  • Message Framing

Influencing is the process of changing people’s minds to sell your ideas, strategies, decisions and value. Successfully influencing someone tends to make your relationship stronger. For example, a team manager will typically have strong bonds to team members who help to set direction, build consensus and unify efforts.

  • Anticipating Objections
  • Influencing
  • Managing Up
  • Nudge
  • Peak-End Rule
  • Political Capital

Building rapport and trust with customers in order to sell. This is often viewed as a process whereby a relationship progresses from lead to opportunity to customer to loyal customer. Building relationships with customers involves discovering each customer’s needs, preferences and motivations to win their confidence.

  • Closing Techniques
  • Customer Motivation
  • Customer Needs
  • Customer Preferences
  • Foot In The Door
  • Sales

Customer Relationships
The end-to-end process of gaining and sustaining customer satisfaction. This generally involves treating the customer with respect and providing diligent service with each interaction. Customer relationships are often viewed in an abstract sense such that customers have a “relationship” with your brand and products. For example, the usability of your products may be viewed as an element of the customer relationship.

  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Is Always Right
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Service
  • Lead Users
  • Single Point Of Contact

Partner Relationships
Managing relationships with partners such as suppliers, research partners and marketing partners. Some firms are tough on partners as a matter of policy and view a difficult relationship as a type of creative tension that may be beneficial. More commonly, firms attempt to maintain positive working relationships with partners while providing continual performance feedback.

  • Business Relationships
  • Constructive Criticism
  • Creative Tension
  • Negotiation
  • Partner Risk
  • Performance Management

Public Relations
The process of managing relationships with all stakeholders of a firm including investors, creditors, media representatives, industry influencers, governments and communities. This extends beyond the public relations team to all representatives of a firm who face stakeholders in their job.

  • Charm Offensive
  • Compliance
  • Corporate Reputation
  • External Stakeholders
  • Marketing Communications
  • Public Relations

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