Sales Planning

Sales Planning

Sales Planning Jonathan Poland

Sales planning is the process of setting revenue and unit targets for a sales team, and developing a plan to achieve those targets. This process is typically led by sales managers and involves analyzing market conditions, assessing the sales team’s capabilities, and identifying strategies and tactics to achieve the desired sales performance. By creating a detailed sales plan, businesses can ensure that their sales teams are focused on the right goals and activities, and that they have the resources and support needed to achieve those goals. This can help sales teams to be more effective and efficient in their efforts, and ultimately drive better sales performance for the business. Here are the elements.

Situation Analysis
Assessing the current situation with techniques such as a SWOT analysis.

Objectives & Goals
Developing targets.

Determining how you will achieve targets. Includes details such as a sales incentive plan.

Aligning your plan with operations. For examle, using initial sales forecasts to plan production.

Sales Budget
Developing a budget for the team based on the strategy.

Communicate & Engage
Engage sales teams to communicate strategy and build support for the plan. Make changes to strategy and incentive plan if the team isn’t behind it.

Controls & Monitoring
Implement the plan with controls such as weekly sales meetings and monitoring such as weekly sales reports.

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