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Storytelling is the act of using narrative to communicate information in an engaging and memorable way. Businesses can use storytelling to share information about their identity, proposals, goals, strategy, plans, history, culture, value proposition, risks, and issues in a way that is interesting and engaging. Business stories may be based on factual information or may include fictional elements, such as humor, anecdotes, examples, and thought experiments, to make the information more interesting and relatable.

There are several common techniques that businesses can use to develop effective business stories. For example, businesses can use anecdotes and examples to illustrate key points and make their stories more relatable. They can also use humor, analogies, and other figurative language to make their stories more engaging and memorable. Additionally, businesses can use storytelling to create a clear and compelling narrative that helps to communicate their message in a way that is easy for their audience to understand and remember.

Business storytelling is the use of storytelling techniques to communicate information and motivate stakeholders such as investors, employees and customers. Stories typically aim to build tension to a climax and then resolve things. Other common elements of storytelling include humor, emotion and familiar examples.

Who We Are
The story of your founders, employees or culture.

Your mission and why it is urgent and valuable.

Paint a compelling picture of the future. How do you plan to make the world a better place?

Good Business
A concrete and specific example of the positive impact you have had on communities, individuals and/or the environment.

What We Learned
A mistake you made and how it lead you to change.

How We Design It
Design stories such as alternative designs that never made the cut or the story of your lead users.

How We Do It
Explaining how things are done in your industry, firm or profession. For example, audiences may be surprisingly interested in how everyday products are produced.

Meet Our Customers
Interesting ways that your real customers use your products and services.

Overall, storytelling is a powerful tool for businesses that want to communicate information in a way that is engaging and memorable. By using storytelling techniques, businesses can make their information more interesting and relatable, and help their audience to understand and remember the key points of their message. The following are common storytelling ideas.

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