Digital Maturity

Digital Maturity

Digital Maturity Jonathan Poland

Digital maturity refers to an organization’s ability to effectively utilize information technology to achieve its goals and objectives. This can involve a range of activities, such as the adoption of digital tools and processes, the development of a digital strategy, and the integration of technology into various business functions. Digital maturity is an important factor in the success of an organization, as it allows the organization to take advantage of the many benefits of technology, including increased efficiency, improved customer experience, and greater competitiveness. The following are common types of digital maturity.

Improving productivity by automating work.

The efficient use of technology. For example, a firm with an unusually energy efficient data center.

Data assets that are useful, secured, available, governed and managed.

Decision Support
Getting the right information in front of people at the right time to support their work.

Minimization of knowledge loss and knowledge waste.

Business Model
The use of information technology to establish a competitive advantage in your industry.

Product Development
Products and services that use technology effectively to solve customer problems.

Architecture & Technology
Technology platforms that are useful, modern and architecturally sound.

Project Capabilities
The ability to quickly update, change and extend your information technology to adapt to conditions and innovate.

Organizational Culture
An organizational culture that embraces a fast rate of change and is enthusiastic about technology.

People at every level of your organization who lead change by using technology in new ways or developing new technologies.

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