Project Management Skills

Project Management Skills

Project Management Skills Jonathan Poland

Project management skills are a combination of talents, knowledge, and experience that enable an individual to effectively plan and execute projects. This includes the ability to manage a project’s integration, scope, schedule, budget, quality, documents, resources, communications, risk, procurement, performance, and stakeholder relationships. Effective project managers possess a wide range of skills and expertise, including leadership, communication, problem-solving, and organizational abilities, that allow them to successfully deliver projects on time and within budget.

The following is a list of project management skills.

Agile Benchmarking
Budget Control Business Analysis
Business Cases Challenging Assumptions
Change Control Change Management
Coaching & Mentoring Communication
Compliance Continuous Delivery
Continuous Integration Contract Management
Coordination Cost Management
Decision Making Design Thinking
Dispute Resolution Document Control
Earned Value Management Estimation
Feasibility Analysis Financial Analysis
Forecasting Goal Setting
Human Resource Management Influencing
Issue Resolution Knowledge Management
Lessons Learned Managing Expectations
Meeting Management Methodologies
Motivation Negotiation
Onboarding Organization
Performance Management Personal Resilience
Prioritization Problem Solving
Program Management Project Charters
Project Communications Project Controls
Project Integration Management Project Management
Project Management Platforms Project Metrics
Project Monitoring Project Planning
Project Recovery Provisioning
Public Speaking Quality Assurance
Quality Management Recruiting
Request for Proposal Requirements Gathering
Reserve Analysis Return on Investment
Risk Analysis Risk Control
Risk Management Risk Monitoring
SWOT Analysis Schedule Control
Scheduling Scheduling
Scope Baseline Scope Management
Scope Management Scrum
Self-direction Setting Expectations
Stakeholder Management Statement of Work
Statistical Analysis Strategic Thinking
Systems Thinking Task Management
Team Building Time Management
Variance Analysis Waterfall
Work Breakdown Structure

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