Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications Jonathan Poland

Marketing communications refers to the various forms of communication that are utilized in order to achieve marketing goals. These channels can include television and radio advertisements, digital content and apps, social media platforms, messaging tools, games, events, publications, direct mail, graphics, public speaking, and meetings. All of these channels are used to reach and engage potential customers in order to promote a product or service and achieve specific marketing objectives. The following are illustrative examples of marketing communications.

Public Relations
Managing communication with stakeholders and the media. For example, releasing news to the media that generates publicity.

Product Launch
Generating media and customer interest in a product launch. For example, orchestrating a product release event in conjunction with an industry conference.

Generating demand for products and services. For example, regularly producing and releasing promotional content to a video channel.

Building brand reputation and brand awareness. For example, actively engaging customers in social media.

Reaching a target audience with advertising partners to support goals such as demand generation and brand awareness.

Generating sales leads, customer needs analysis, proposals, negotiation and closing are all processes of communication. For example, attending industry conferences to generate leads.

Customer Service
Handling customer inquiries and providing customers with service.

Customer Relationships
Developing customer relationships to support goals such as increasing customer lifetime value. For example, a salesperson who calls major accounts once a quarter to touch base.

Customer Advocacy
Using customer feedback to drive improvement in products, services and processes. If a customer identifies a safety problem with a product, a customer advocate might meet with the executives who can get it fixed.

Market Research
Using communications channels to conduct market research such as a survey that’s used to identify customer needs for product development.

Customer Experience
Communication is an important element of a brand’s end-to-end customer experience. For example, promotional videos that build upon the reputation, legacy, culture and image of a brand.

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