Daily Goals

Daily Goals

Daily Goals Jonathan Poland

Daily goals are targets that you set for yourself to achieve on a particular day. These can include habits that you are trying to form and unique goals that you develop for that day. Daily goals are often process-oriented, meaning that they describe the actions that you will take, rather than the end result that you hope to achieve. This allows you to focus on the steps that you need to take to make progress, rather than the final outcome.

Respecting Time

Keep moving though things at a reasonable pace and avoid unproductive distractions.

Single Tasking

Focus on the task at hand to establish flow.

Quality Time

Strictly end work at 7 pm to help kids with homework and enjoy family activities.


Try to improve my 5k running time.


Be friendly, outgoing and approachable. Reach out to cultivate professional and social connections.


Reply to messages in a timely fashion.


Push-in to conversations at work. Try to add constructively to the ideas of others but don’t be afraid to offer brave ideas and criticisms.


Listen in class and take detailed notes.


Complete some tasks on my backlog.


Add good ideas to my backlog and drop ideas that are no longer a priority.


Avoid buying things I don’t need.

Quality of Life

Devote an hour to moderate exercise and eat healthy meals.


Focus on the positive and try to sideline any negativity I should encounter.


Experiment with new ways of doing things.

Risk Taking

Try to expand my depth with openness to new things and a willingness to take on challenges.

Risk Management

Be careful biking to work. Be observant and expect that cars and pedestrians may do random dangerous things.

Hygiene Factors

Clean up my desk after each study session.


Try to be kind and patient.


Avoid comparing myself to others. Maintain a strong sense of both confidence and humility.


Try to live in the moment and see the wonder of things.


Reflect on the day and try to identify things I could have improved.

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