Value Added Reseller

Value Added Reseller

Value Added Reseller Jonathan Poland

A value added reseller (VAR) is a company that buys products from manufacturers or distributors and then resells them to customers. In addition to simply reselling the products, a VAR often adds value to the products by providing additional services such as installation, training, and customization. This can make the products more appealing to customers and help the VAR differentiate itself from other resellers. VARs often focus on a specific industry or type of product, and they may have a particular expertise or specialization that sets them apart from other resellers.

A software company offers an open source platform as a service including customer support and an uptime guarantee.

An automobile customization shop offers products such as brands of headlights installed and configured.

An IT training company uses training materials developed by another company.

A cloud computing company provides specialized sales tools built on top of another company’s platform.

Information Security
An information security hardware vendor offers another firm’s software with its products.

A local delivery company offers to pick up takeout from any restaurant in town and deliver it.

An IT company in Japan sells a German hardware product with local implementation and maintenance support in Japan based on an exclusive distribution agreement with the German firm.

A wedding planner offers packages that include services from wedding venues, photographers, hotels, catering and limousine companies.

A food company purchases large containers of organic olive oil and repackages it in convenient sizes for distribution to retail shops.

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