Coding Skills

Coding Skills

Coding Skills Jonathan Poland

Coding skills are a combination of talents, knowledge, and experience that enable an individual to create valuable software. This can range from writing simple scripts that automate tasks to being able to lead large, complex development projects. To be a successful coder, one must have a strong foundation in mathematics, computing theory, and logic, as well as experience with various technologies, problem-solving techniques, and project design. These skills allow a software developer to be productive in a business setting.

APIs Algorithms
Application Integration Artificial Intelligence
Audit Trail Back-end Development
Batch Processing Blockchain
CSS Cloud Computing
Code Refactoring Compression
Computation Theory Computational Logic
Computing Infrastructure Configuration Management
Container Technologies Content Management Systems
Continuous Integration Cryptography
Data Integration Data Structures
Database Design Databases
Debugging Deployment Automation
Design Documents Developer Tools
Development Frameworks DevOps
Distributed Systems Edge Computing
Embedded Systems Encryption
Error Detection Error Tolerance
Estimates Event Processing
Front-end Development HTML
Identity & Authorization Incident Management
Information Retrieval Information Security
Javascript Linux / Unix
Load Balancing Logging
Machine Learning Mathematics
Messaging Frameworks Microservices
Mobile Development Networking
NoSQL Datastores Object-oriented Programming
Operating Systems Parallel Processing
Platforms Production Support
Programming Languages Project Planning
Quality Assurance Real-time Computing
Reliability Engineering Requirements Gathering
Reusability Robotics
SQL Scalability
Scientific Computing Scripting
Secure Code Review Secure Coding Practices
Service-oriented Programming Session Management
Software Architecture Software Design
Software Development Lifecycle Software Maintenance
Software Testing Specifications
Standards Statistics
System Administration Systems Analysis
Systems Programming Troubleshooting
Unstructured Data Use Cases
Web Development
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