Employee Development

Employee Development

Employee Development Jonathan Poland

Employee development is the process of providing employees with learning and experience opportunities that support their career aspirations and the labor needs of an organization. This process typically involves creating individualized learning and development plans for employees, which outline the specific skills and knowledge they need to acquire in order to succeed in their current role and to advance in their careers.

Employee development can take many forms, such as formal training programs, on-the-job learning experiences, mentorship, and networking opportunities. It is often tied into performance management, such that continued learning and improvement is considered an essential part of an employee’s responsibilities. By investing in employee development, organizations can support their employees’ growth and career development, and ensure that they have the skills and knowledge they need to contribute to the organization’s success.

The following are common types of employee development.

Accreditations Awards & Recognition
Career Planning Certifications
Coaching Committee Memberships
Competency Management Cross-training
Education Support Individual Development Plans
Industry Conferences Internal Events (e.g. Career Development Workshops)
Internal Presentations (e.g. Lunch & Learn) Internal Training
Internal Workshops Job Enlargement
Job Enrichment Job Rotation
Job Shadowing Leadership Development
Lectures Mentoring
On-the-job Training Online Training
Performance Assessments Performance Feedback
Performance Goals Presentations (e.g. at industry conference)
Professional Conferences & Workshops Professional Organizations
Promotions & Advancement Self-Study
Stretch Assignments Stretch Targets
Succession Planning Training
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