Experience Economy

Experience Economy

Experience Economy Jonathan Poland

The concept of the experience economy suggests that companies can differentiate themselves and gain a competitive advantage by creating memorable and valuable experiences for their customers. In a market where many products and services are interchangeable and widely available, the experience a company offers can be a key factor in attracting and retaining customers. This can involve creating immersive and engaging experiences that go beyond simply providing a product or service, and instead focus on creating a holistic and satisfying customer journey. By investing in the experience economy, companies can differentiate themselves and stand out in a crowded and competitive market. The following are illustrative examples of the experience economy.

A mobile device that is pleasing and productive to use commands a higher price and enjoys higher sales volumes than the competition that have similar technical specifications but are less usable.

Customer Service
A restaurant with friendly and diligent staff develops a loyal customer base and thrives on slow nights when competitors struggle.

A hotel that has character and superior services may achieve high ratings and occupancy rates despite high prices.

A brand that customers view as a status symbol such as a symbol of wealth or membership in a group. For example, the experience of wearing the same snowboarding brands as your favorite professional snowboarder.

Experiencing culture such as the taste of food or sound of music.

Products and services that provide a sense of well-being such as a relaxing spa.

Peak Experiences
Experiences that customers may view as accomplishments or events that are important to their life. For example, a wedding or travel experience.

Transformative Experiences
Experiences that transform an individual to make them better such as education or an inspiring book.

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