Today’s internet connected world is moving faster than ever, yet so many businesses are adapting rather slowly.

Technology doesn’t just get better over time without hardworking people pushing it along. This is an often overlooked fact that many fail to realize, and for business the need for perpetual evolution is a requirement for survival.

Digital media is where every consumer places his or her attention, whether it’s looking at their phones, TV’s, or computers. Almost everything anyone does “work wise” requires a digital experience to make it more efficient and better for the end user. Attention is everything in sales, and we’re entering into an age that will continue see a major shift in budget spend from TV to the new entertainment channels – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Forrester believes that by 2021, business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce will reach $1.2 trillion in the U.S., 13% of the market. Businesses must make the leap to better compete in this arena now, and thankfully they can a lot cheaper and easier than before.

A simple strategy:

1. Build multiple landing pages for your products
2. Buy Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest ads directed to those pages
3. TAO: Test, Adjust, Optimize
4. Pour more money into the ads that work

Solutions I like:

Also, Bain has a useful interactive here; and McKinsey has a lot of great articles here.

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