Embedded System

Embedded System

Embedded System Jonathan Poland

An embedded system is a specialized computer designed to perform a specific task. It consists of both hardware and software components that are tailored to the needs of the particular application it serves. Embedded systems are prevalent in many everyday devices, and they outnumber general-purpose computers such as laptops. The following are examples of an embedded system.


Vehicles may include multiple embedded systems each with its own hardware and software. For example, a system might monitor engine performance while another system might monitor safety to produce warnings.


Toys with advanced features such as a talking doll are implemented with embedded systems.


Electronics big and small such as a washing machine or game controller.


Components of buildings and interior design such as an automatic door.


Infrastructure such as a canal gate that can be remotely controlled by an operator.

Power Systems

A solar panel system that transmits performance information to a management server.

Supply Chain

Elements of a supply chain such as a temperature-controlled container that records temperatures to guarantee that a cold shipment was never exposed to a high temperature.


Factory equipment such as a robot.


Network devices such as a wifi router.


Smart city infrastructure such as solar lighting that self-manages its power capacity.

Theme Parks

A car on a roller coaster that monitors vibrations and seat belts that can slow and stop the attraction if it finds a problem.


In theory, fashion could use computers to implement features such as shoes that change colors and patterns on command.


Computers in medical devices such as a heart monitor.

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