Service Level Objective

Service Level Objective

Service Level Objective Jonathan Poland

An service level objective (SLO) is a standard used to measure the performance of a business or technology service. These objectives are often outlined in contracts, such as a master service agreement, and may include consequences for failing to meet a certain level of service, such as issuing refunds. SLOs are used to ensure that a business or service is meeting the necessary requirements and providing a satisfactory level of performance.

Common examples of service level objectives.

  1. Percentage of uptime for a website
  2. Average response time for customer support inquiries
  3. Number of errors or bugs in a software application
  4. Average time to resolve technical issues
  5. Percentage of orders fulfilled within a specified time frame
  6. Percentage of customer complaints resolved within a certain time period
  7. Average time to process and approve loan applications
  8. Percentage of shipments delivered on time
  9. Average wait time for a call center
  10. Percentage of marketing emails delivered to the intended recipients
  11. Average time to process and approve insurance claims
  12. Percentage of purchases completed successfully on an e-commerce website
  13. Average time to process and approve visa or passport applications
  14. Percentage of patients seen within a certain time frame at a healthcare facility
  15. Average time to complete maintenance or repair requests
  16. Percentage of power outages restored within a certain time period
  17. Average time to process and approve building permit applications
  18. Percentage of parking tickets issued that are paid within a certain time frame
  19. Average time to process and approve social security or disability claims
  20. Percentage of orders for a restaurant that are prepared within a certain time frame
  21. Average time to process and approve unemployment benefit claims
  22. Percentage of flights that depart and arrive on time
  23. Average time to process and approve tax returns
  24. Percentage of defective products identified and replaced within a certain time period
  25. Average time to process and approve mortgage applications
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