Product Identity

Product Identity

Product Identity Jonathan Poland

Product identity refers to the overall personality or character of a product. This can include the product’s features, benefits, and branding, as well as how it is perceived by customers. Marketing teams often think of products as having a distinct personality and identity in the market, and customers may describe products using the same words they would use to describe people. A strong product identity can help a product stand out in the market and can contribute to its success. Here are a few examples of product identity.  In each of these examples, the product’s features, benefits, and branding all contribute to its overall product identity.

  • A luxury car may have a product identity that is associated with elegance, performance, and exclusivity.
  • A sports drink may have a product identity that is associated with health, energy, and endurance.
  • A smartphone may have a product identity that is associated with innovation, functionality, and design.
  • A clothing brand may have a product identity that is associated with fashion, quality, and sustainability.
  • A toy may have a product identity that is associated with fun, creativity, and safety.

Product Identity vs Brand Identity
Product identity and brand identity are essentially the same concept. Brand identity is the far more common term. As such, product identity is the application of brand identity to a single product. This can be useful as products under the same brand many have unique identities.

Product Identity vs Product Positioning
Product identity is the concept behind a product framed in terms of target customer perceptions. In other words, it is the overall impression you want customers to have of a product. Product positioning is a unique and valuable market fit for a product. This can include identity and other factors such as price, quality and product experience.

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