Business Capability

Business Capability

Business Capability Jonathan Poland

A business capability is a broad term that refers to the things that a business is able to do or achieve. It describes the capabilities of the business as a whole, without regard to the specific processes or strategies that are used to achieve those capabilities. Business capabilities can be described at various levels of detail, such as at the organizational, departmental, or team level. They provide a high-level view of a business’s abilities and capabilities, and are often used to inform strategic planning and decision-making. The following are illustrative examples of business capabilities.

Manage Risk
A bank manages risk.

Manage Credit Risk
A bank’s global credit department manages credit risk.

Analyze Client Credit Ratings
An analyst team in a bank’s global credit department analyzes client credit ratings.

Sales Pipeline Management
The sales department of a telecom company manages a sales pipeline.

Qualify Sales Leads
A sales operation team qualifies sales leads before they enter a sales pipeline.

Information Security Management
An IT department provides information security management.

Security Risk Identification
A security team identifies information security risks as a part of an annual audit.

A marketing department prices products and services.

Price Testing
A marketing operations team is able to test different price configurations to optimize revenue and margins.

Product Development
A marketing department develops and launches products.

Product Design
A design team designs products.

Customer Service
An airline provides customer service.

Meal Service
A flight crew provides meal services.

Lost Baggage Claims
An airline operations team processes lost baggage claims.

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