Creative Services

Creative Services

Creative Services Jonathan Poland

Creative services refer to a range of services that involve the use of creativity and innovative thinking. These services often involve the creation of work products that require a high level of creativity, such as advertising, design, or marketing. The value of these services is often highly dependent on the talent and expertise of the individuals who provide them. Creative services can be provided by a variety of different types of professionals, such as graphic designers, copywriters, or marketing strategists. This sector of the economy is an important contributor to many industries and plays a vital role in driving innovation and creativity. The following are common examples of creative services.

Management Consulting
Executive level consulting in areas such as strategy, innovation and change management. For example, a management consultant might be brought in to determine why a firm is failing to meet a set of goals despite significant effort and spending.

Urban Planning
The design of cities. For example, a city might hire an urban planning consultant to develop a strategy to make the city more resilient to floods.

The structural design of buildings is a creative skill as buildings are considered an art form.

Interior Design
Interior design such as a redesign for an office that aims to increase productivity and impress clients.

Lighting Design
The design of light environments such as the night architecture of a building.

Sound Design
The design of sound environments and productions such as a theatrical performance.

The design of outdoor environments such as a garden.

User Experience Design
The design of anything that people experience including tools and processes. For example, the design of a check-in process for a luxury hotel.

Information Architecture
The design of information to be experienced by people. For example, the layout and structure of a knowledge repository.

Game Design
The design of games and game-like physical or digital environments.

The development and improvement of brands. For example, a brand strategy for a brand that has been over-extended, damaging its value.

Advertising such as an agency that can deliver a multi-channel campaign for clients that includes television commercials, print ads, digital ads, in-store displays and billboards.

Media services such as video production or photography.

Commercial Art
Art that is constrained by requirements such as a display window at a product showroom.

Industrial Design
The design of products for mass production such as a chair.

Graphic Design
Visual design such as a logo, sign or magazine cover.

Writing for commercial purposes such as advertising.

Fashion Design
The design of clothing, footwear and accessories.

The production of events such as a cultural event or industry conference.

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