Data Asset

Data Asset

Data Asset Jonathan Poland

A data asset is any data that is expected to produce future financial returns. The value of a data asset can vary significantly depending on the specific industry and business model in which it is used. For example, data that is highly valuable to one industry may have little value to another industry. It is important for businesses to carefully assess the potential value of their data assets and to develop strategies for leveraging them to generate revenue.

Designs & Methods
Intellectual property such as patents, designs and trade secrets.

Documents and diagrams designed to share knowledge. The term data asset is only applied to knowledge that you own such as a document produced by an employee.

Media such as a film that you produced.

Transactions & Interactions
Historical commercial transactions and interactions. This may have value for decision support and optimization activities.

User Input
User input such as social media posts. This can have value as content or to analyze for decision making or research.

Sensor Data
Data collected from sensors such as a weather research database that contains historical weather station data.

Calculated Data
Calculations such as a market demand forecast generated by an algorithm using hundreds of factors.

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