Building Products & Equipment

The Building Products and Equipment industry comprises companies that manufacture and supply a wide range of materials, products, and systems used in the construction, renovation, and maintenance of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Key segments include building materials, HVAC systems, plumbing and electrical products, and construction tools and machinery. The industry’s growth is driven by factors such as urbanization, population growth, infrastructure development, and innovations in construction technologies. Market players range from large multinational corporations to smaller specialized firms, competing on aspects like product quality, price, and innovation. The industry is also influenced by economic cycles, government regulations, and environmental concerns, pushing companies to develop sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

Top Companies
  • Carrier Global
  • Carlisle Companies
  • Masco
  • Builders FirstSource
  • Owens Corning
  • Advanced Drainage Systems
  • Trex Company
  • Louisiana-Pacific
  • AAON
  • Simpson Manufacturing
  • Beacon Roofing Supply
  • Amstrong World Industries

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