Oil & Gas Equipment & Services

The oil and gas equipment and services industry is a complex and dynamic sector that plays a crucial role in the global economy. This industry encompasses a wide range of companies and organizations that provide a variety of products and services to support the exploration, extraction, production, transportation, and refinement of oil and natural gas. These products and services include drilling equipment, well completion and stimulation products, offshore support vessels, pipeline construction and maintenance services, and many others. These companies operate in challenging and often unpredictable conditions, and must constantly adapt to changing market conditions and technological advancements. Despite the many challenges facing the industry, it remains an important contributor to the global economy and a source of jobs and revenue for many countries.

Top Companies
  • Schlumberger Limited
  • Halliburton Company
  • Baker Hughes
  • Tenaris
  • NOV Inc
  • ChampionX
  • TechnipFMC
  • Cactus Inc.
  • ProFrac Holding
  • Weatherford International
  • Liberty Energy
  • NextTier Oilfield Solutions

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