Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Lead Generation Jonathan Poland

Lead generation is the process of identifying and attracting potential customers for a business. This is typically the first step in the sales process, and involves a variety of tactics and strategies for finding and engaging potential customers. Once potential customers have been identified, the next steps in the sales process might include lead qualification, prospecting, needs analysis, proposal creation, closing, and ongoing customer relationship management, including cross-selling and upselling. By implementing an effective lead generation strategy, businesses can build a pipeline of qualified leads and improve their chances of making successful sales. The following are common lead generation techniques.

Digital Advertising
Using behavioral and contextual ads to drive traffic to a page that pitches your product and asks for contact information.

Inbound Marketing
Creating content such as brand storytelling and interacting with potential customers in social media.

Industry Events
Attending industry events such as trade fairs.

Sponsoring Events
Sponsoring events such as training or a product demonstration in order to connect with potential customers. For example, webinars are commonly used to generate leads.

Physical locations that show off products.

Getting to know the people in your industry. For example, a salesperson for market data might know thousands of people in the banking industry in their territory.

Networking by going to the same events and places that customers frequent. For example, bankers in Tokyo might mostly go to the same bar in the evenings.

Cold Calling
Researching people and calling them to try to gain their interest.

Third Party
In many industries, there is a market for leads. For example, a list of people who are currently shopping for a car. These may be worth less than leads who have actively expressed interested in your particular product.

Lost customers and rejected proposals.

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