Media Analysis

Media Analysis

Media Analysis Jonathan Poland

Media analysis is the study of the structure, content, and methods of communication in various forms of media. This involves examining the various media outlets, such as newspapers, television, and social media, as well as the specific communication artifacts and structures used within each outlet. The goal of media analysis is to gain a better understanding of the ways in which information is presented and disseminated through these channels, and to identify any potential biases or inaccuracies in the media coverage. By conducting a systematic investigation of these communication structures and methods, one can gain insight into the ways in which the media presents information and can use this information to improve the accuracy and fairness of the media coverage.

Content Analysis
Content analysis is the systematic evaluation of the content of messages that are shared in media. For example, considering the methods that media use to influence or spread propaganda such as message framing, nudges and call to action.

Media Planning
Media analysis often has practical goals such as identifying channels that can be used to reach a target audience with a promotional message.

Media Economics
Evaluating value creation, competition and markets in the media industry. For example, attention economics that models the value of reaching an audience with a message.

Structural Analysis
Examining the structure of media control. For example, investigating the ownership structure of newspapers in the United States to identify entities that have the power to influence society at scale.

Behavioral Analysis
Evaluating the impact of media on behavior. For example, compulsive behaviors such as checking social media every few minutes that interferes with an individual’s ability to be a happy and productive member of society.

Social Analysis
Evaluating the impact of media on politics, corporate strategy, design, culture, economics, communities and quality of life.

Medium is The Message
Medium is the message is the idea that each medium shapes the content and character of communication. This calls for a big picture analysis that considers how a new medium transforms a society. For example, the emergence of internet media that allows anyone to broadcast to large audiences changed the nature of communication on a global basis.

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