Message Framing

Message Framing

Message Framing Jonathan Poland

Message framing is the way in which information and communications are constructed and presented. The way a message is framed can have a significant impact on how it is received and understood by its intended audience. For example, a message that is framed in a way that considers the needs and desires of the audience may generate a more positive response than a message that is demanding and insistent.

Message framing can involve the use of emotion, logic, ethics, or other factors to create a context for the message. This can help to engage the audience and make the message more persuasive and effective. For example, a message that focuses on the core motivations of the audience, such as their fears, hopes, or desires, may be more effective than a message that is purely logical or factual.

Message framing is a critical aspect of communication and can play a key role in determining the success or failure of a message. By carefully considering the framing of a message, it is possible to increase the likelihood that it will be well-received and have the desired impact.

We must buy a dog!

All the other kids at school have a dog.

I read that kids with dogs get better grades at school.

This dog is so cute, how can you say no?

She is a rescue dog, do you know how many dogs need homes?

Anticipating Objections
I promise to walk her and clean up if she makes a mess.

Considering others needs
The dog will keep you company when I go off to college.

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