Podcast Episode #021

940 627 Jonathan Poland

At McDonalds thinking about the market caps of Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple…

Podcast Episode #020

1260 586 Jonathan Poland

Thoughts on the future of social, marketing, influencers.

Podcast Episode #013

1125 750 Jonathan Poland

Uber’s IPO may be the first domino of the next market correction. Investors will definitely pay too much for the stock.

Podcast Episode #012

1121 750 Jonathan Poland

Going to the grocery store
Some thoughts on healthcare
US needs NHS + private insurance

Podcast Episode #011

940 529 Jonathan Poland

Successful investing is all about Nike.
Just doing it means the difference
You don’t save to get rich.

Podcast Episode #010

1139 750 Jonathan Poland

Made it to double digits.
Talking about capitalism on this one.
Yes, chances are that you’re a capitalist…

Podcast Episode #009

1125 750 Jonathan Poland

A heartfelt story about my life over the last 10 years and what helped shape it before the housing market bubble and crash.