Types of Infrastructure

Types of Infrastructure

Types of Infrastructure Jonathan Poland

In an industrial economy, the production of tangible goods and infrastructure plays a central role. This type of economy has traditionally been seen as a key factor in the development of advanced economies. However, in recent times, advanced economies have begun to shift towards the production of intangible value, such as services, social infrastructure, and information technology. This change reflects the evolving nature of the global economy and the increasing importance of intangible forms of value.

The following are common examples of infrastructure.

Airports Bridges
Broadcast Services Canals
Clinics Coastal Structures
Communication Services Consumer Protection
Cycling Paths Delivery Services
Disaster Resilience Structures Docks
Electrical Grids Financial Markets
Financial Systems Firefighting Services
Green Roofs Green Space
Highways Hospitals
Information Services Internet Services
Irrigation Systems Justice Systems
Libraries Long-term Care Facilities
Medical Labs Parks
Police Services Ports
Postal Services Public Lighting
Public Space Recreational Facilities
Recycling Services Research Facilities
Roads Schools
Science Facilities Sidewalks
Solar Panels Technology Platforms
Train Services Train Stations
Tunnels Universities
Utilities Waste Management Services
Water Services Wind Turbines

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