Organic Growth

Organic Growth

Organic Growth Jonathan Poland

Organic growth refers to an increase in revenue that is generated through a company’s own efforts, such as marketing, innovation, and operational improvements. It is distinct from growth that is obtained through acquisitions or mergers, as these involve acquiring or combining with other companies.

Organic growth is often considered to be a more sustainable form of growth, as it is driven by a company’s own capabilities and resources. However, it can also be more challenging to achieve, as it requires a company to continuously improve and adapt to changing market conditions.

In some cases, a company may appear to be growing due to acquisitions, but its core business may actually be in decline. This can be referred to as “acquisition-driven growth” or “empire building.” While acquisitions can provide a quick boost to a company’s revenue, they can also carry risks such as integration challenges, cultural differences, and financial strains.

To achieve organic growth, it is important for a company to have a clear strategy and to focus on building and improving its core capabilities. This may involve investing in marketing and innovation, optimizing operations, and developing new products and services. By focusing on organic growth, a company can build a strong foundation for long-term success. The following are examples of organic growth.

Branding & Promotion

Increasing market share by promoting products and improving brand awareness.

Innovation & Product Development

Developing products to increase market share or enter new markets.

Sales & Distribution

Improving sales by expanding or improving sales operations and distribution partnerships. For example, a firm might find distribution partners to sell products in a new territory.

Customer Relationships

Improving customer experience to increase customer lifetime value.


Bottom-line growth can be improved by reducing costs through operational efficiency. Market share can be improved by providing a service that is higher value than the competition. For example, a delivery service that is more reliable than the competition may gain market share.

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