Synopsys, Inc. – SNPS Jonathan Poland

Synopsys, Inc. – SNPS

Synopsys, Inc. specializes in developing electronic design automation (EDA) software products for designing and testing integrated circuits. Their product offerings…

Beyond Meat, Inc. – BYND Jonathan Poland

Beyond Meat, Inc. – BYND

Beyond Meat, Inc. is a company that produces, advertises, and distributes plant-based meat substitutes globally, including in the United States.…

MSCI Inc. – MSCI Jonathan Poland


MSCI Inc. and its subsidiaries offer investment decision support tools worldwide to help clients manage their investment processes. MSCI Inc.…

GoodRx – GDRX Jonathan Poland

GoodRx – GDRX

GoodRx Holdings, Inc. provides information and tools to help consumers compare and save on prescription drug prices through its subsidiaries.…

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Sales Operations Jonathan Poland

Sales Operations

Sales operations is the management of the processes and practices that support the sales function of an organization. It involves…

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Product Features

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What is Supply? Jonathan Poland

What is Supply?

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Program Controls Jonathan Poland

Program Controls

Program controls are the mechanisms that enable a computer program to execute a set of instructions in a specific order…

Positive Feedback Loop Jonathan Poland

Positive Feedback Loop

A positive feedback loop is a situation where an initial change or input (A) leads to a further change or…