Data Science

Data Science

Data Science Jonathan Poland

Data science is the use of mathematical and statistical methods, machine learning algorithms, and other techniques to extract meaning and actionable insights from data. It typically requires a background in a quantitative discipline, such as statistics, mathematics, physics, or computer science, and involves working knowledge of the methods, processes, algorithms, platforms, languages, and techniques used to build models and explore data. In addition to technical skills, data science also requires soft skills such as communication, public speaking, and stakeholder management. These skills are important for effectively presenting findings and working with a variety of stakeholders to drive action based on the insights obtained from data. The following are common data science skills.

Algorithms Analytics
Backtesting Big Data Platforms
Business Analysis Business Intelligence
Calculus Cloud Platforms
Coding Cohort Analysis
Data Aggregation Data Analysis
Data Architecture Data Classification
Data Cleaning Data Communication
Data Exploration Data Flows
Data Harmonization Data Historians
Data Ingestion Data Integration
Data Intuition Data Lineage
Data Management Data Mining
Data Models Data Visualization
Data Wrangling Databases
Decision Modeling Decision Trees
Deep Learning Deployment
Distributed Processing of Large Datasets Ensemble Methods
Executive Communication Experiment Design
Extract Forecasting
Information Security Interdisciplinary Learning
Linear Algebra Linear Models
Machine Learning Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC)
Monitoring Model Performance Multivariate Analysis
Neural Networks Predictive Analytics
Prescriptive Analytics Presentations
Probability Distributions Problem Framing
Product Development Public Speaking
Random Forests Regression Analysis
Requirements Gathering SQL
Sampling Methods Scripting
Stakeholder Management Statistical Hypothesis Testing
Statistical Learning Statistical Software
Statistics Statistics Platforms
Stochastic Models Structured Thinking
Testing Transform & Load (ETL)
Trend Analysis

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