Early Adopters

Early Adopters

Early Adopters Jonathan Poland

Early adopters are individuals who quickly adopt an innovation. Marketing and selling innovative products can be challenging as it may require customers to change their habits or learn new things. This is where early adopters play a crucial role. By adopting the product early on, they can help generate word of mouth and social momentum, which can help drive widespread adoption of the product. The following are common types of early adopter.

Industry Insiders

True innovation represents a leap forward in value. The first people who are likely to recognize this value are industry insiders. For example, developers are often early adopters of innovative technology.

Lead Users

Users who are pushing your products to their limits such as a professional snowboarder who is likely to recognize the value of a snowboard with superior performance.


Enthusiasts of your product category. For example, fashion enthusiasts are likely to be early adopters of new approaches to fashion.

Loyal Customers

Fans of your brand who are likely to adopt any products you release. Firms with a loyal customer base generally enjoy an accelerated path to product adoption.

Status Seekers

Customers who pride themselves as being at the forefront of a product category. For example, conspicuous conservation whereby customers view environmentally friendly products as a status symbol.

Open To Change

Customers who are open to change if it is valuable to them.

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