Media Vehicles

Media Vehicles

Media Vehicles Jonathan Poland

A media vehicle refers to a specific media outlet or platform that is used to deliver advertising messages to a target audience. Media vehicles can include traditional outlets such as television, radio, and print, as well as newer forms of media such as online platforms, social media, and mobile apps.

As part of the media planning process, advertisers typically select media classes or categories that are most likely to reach their target audience. These media classes may include television, radio, print, digital, and outdoor advertising, among others. Once the appropriate media classes have been identified, advertisers may then select specific media vehicles within each class that are most likely to reach and engage their target audience.

For example, an advertiser targeting young, tech-savvy consumers might select the digital media class and then choose specific vehicles such as social media platforms, online video platforms, and mobile apps to reach their target audience. Alternatively, an advertiser targeting an older demographic might choose the television media class and select specific channels or programs that are popular among their target audience.

The selection of media vehicles is a crucial step in media planning as it determines where and how the advertising messages will be delivered. By carefully selecting media vehicles that are most likely to reach and engage the target audience, advertisers can increase the chances of success for their campaigns. The following are common types of media vehicle.

A radio station, steaming music service or podcast.

A television station, network or show.

Streaming Media
A video channel, website or app.

A magazine, newspaper or periodical.

Digital Publications
A digital publication such as a news site or blog.

A specific outdoor media spot such as a billboard.

Social Media
A social media site or app.

An app such as a game.

An event such as an industry conference.

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