Transportation as a Service

Transportation as a Service 150 150 JP

TAAS is coming. It could happen in the next decade. TAAS is the acronym for transportation-as-a-service. That is autonomous cars driving us around for a monthly, daily, or hourly fee. Self-driving cars will make the world safer, that’s a fact. They may make it cheaper to have a car.

Electric cars, which they will all be, will displace most of the current automotive industry’s ancillary businesses, like service stations, parts suppliers, insurance companies, etc. Cars are going to last longer, that’s a fact. Because, manufacturers will be the ones in control of the TAAS. Why is Apple getting into the auto game? It’s happening at a time where few younger people want to get into the grease game. In the future, that will be a tech job. As for the TAAS revolution, it’s expected to be a $10 trillion industry and could be upon us this decade.

Side note. The “estimated values” placed on industries continues to amaze me. Thanks federal reserve for continuing to artificially inflate assets by making the fiat currency the masses uses to buy basic goods worth less, or worthless.

In TAAS, there will be plenty of ways to make money and earn a living, but this is going to be a reality. I see a future where you will have a self-driving car mandated by the government (for safety reasons) and only the rich can afford the insurance on human enabled driving.

The babies born today may never learn to drive a car.