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User Story

User Story Jonathan Poland

A user story is a concise description of a specific expectation or need that a user has for a product, service, or system. It is used in agile project management methodologies, such as scrum, to identify and prioritize functional requirements for building and testing features. User stories should be independent and at the smallest level of granularity possible, so that they can be prioritized and developed separately without dependencies. They should also be designed to add value to the business and align with the business’s strategy, and be testable through the inclusion of acceptance criteria. User stories may also be used by non-agile methodologies as a tool for gathering requirements. In this case, a business analyst may collect and consolidate user stories into a unified set of functional requirements for the project.

Here are some examples of user stories:

  1. As a customer, I want to be able to create an account on the website so that I can track my orders and save my payment information for future purchases.
  2. As a sales representative, I want to be able to access customer information and purchase history from my mobile device so that I can provide better service when I am on the go.
  3. As a product manager, I want to be able to track customer feedback and feature requests so that I can prioritize and plan future product development efforts.
  4. As a marketing coordinator, I want to be able to create and send email campaigns to targeted groups of customers so that I can promote new products and special offers.
  5. As a customer service representative, I want to be able to access real-time inventory data so that I can accurately answer customer inquiries about product availability.
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