Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Demand Generation Jonathan Poland

Demand generation is any marketing or sales activity designed to create recognition, awareness and interest in a firm’s brand and products. This can include activities such as content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and lead generation campaigns. The goal of demand generation is to increase awareness and interest in a company’s brand and products, and ultimately drive more sales and revenue. Effective demand generation strategies can help a business reach and engage potential customers at various stages of the sales funnel, from initial awareness to final purchase decision. The following are illustrative examples.

A telecom company launches billboard advertising to generate demand for its mobile services.

A fast moving consumer goods company hands out free samples of a new product at a concert to generate recognition and awareness.

An electronics firm opens showrooms in prominent locations to show off their products to fans, media representatives and influencers.

Social Media
Engaging customers and sharing information, content and media such as promotional videos.

A software company engages customers directly at industry events to raise awareness and generate leads and opportunities.

An IT security firm carefully hires and retains salespeople who have a large network of industry relationships. The salespeople are encouraged to generate interest in the firm.

A young fashion company uses relationships with trendsetters in its niche to generate significant interest in its designs.

Customer Relationships
A design firm carefully manages customer relationships to discover opportunities and raise customer awareness about the firm’s services and capabilities.

An auto manufacture provides service to vehicles while customers wait in a showroom filled with shiny new vehicles and product brochures.

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