Product Benefits

Product Benefits

Product Benefits Jonathan Poland

A product benefit is the value that a customer derives from a product or service. It is what makes the product useful, desirable, or satisfying to the customer, and is often expressed in terms of the customer’s needs, expectations, requirements, or motivations. Marketing and sales professionals recognize that customers are typically more interested in the benefits of a product than in its technical details or features. Therefore, highlighting the benefits of a product is an effective way to persuade customers to buy it. Examples of product benefits include convenience, performance, reliability, safety, and cost savings. The following are illustrative examples of a product benefit.

A product that allows a customer to achieve an objective. For example, a refrigerator that makes small ice cubes allows a customer to make their favorite iced beverage at home.

A product that saves the customer money. For example, a parent who is looking to save money on batteries for children’s toys finds that rechargeable batteries have a lower lifetime cost than disposables.

A product or service that saves the customer time or makes things easier such as delivery of groceries to your door.

Comfort such as headphones that you can barely notice you’re wearing.

A camera that is intuitive to use.

Professional software that saves an architect time in developing concepts for a client.

An electric car that can make it from one city to another on a single charge.

An electric bus that helps a city to achieve its sustainability targets.

Peak Experience
A sailboat that helps a customer pursue a life of adventure.

A book that helps a person to change in a positive direction.

A pair of shoes that inspire a customer with their style.

A game system that allows a customer to play anywhere.

An airline that has a good safety record and reputation makes a customer feel safe on flights.

A restaurant in Paris that represents an authentic cultural experience.

A game that is so engaging that you dream about it.

Health & Wellness
A meal that customers perceive as healthy.

A pair of running shoes associated with a customer’s favorite sports hero.

An environmentally friendly product that helps customers to feel good about a purchase.

A television that doesn’t pause slightly when you turn it on or change channels.

Customer Service
A restaurant that meets customer expectations for service such that they enjoy the experience.

A customer needs a phone to keep working after they drop it.

A traveler expects an extremely clean hotel room.

A customer needs their stock trading app to work at all times with no outages.

Peace of Mind
A customer wants to know that their mobile phone is secure and private.

A customer wants to access their streaming media accounts when they travel without restriction.

An old hotel with character such that customers get a feeling from it.

Soap that looks and smells pleasing.

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