What is Knowledge?

What is Knowledge?

What is Knowledge? Jonathan Poland

Knowledge is the understanding, skills, and expertise that humans acquire through experience, education, and research. It can take many forms, including information that can be expressed in words, data, or images, as well as intangible skills and understanding that are difficult to capture or transmit to others. Knowledge can encompass a wide range of subjects, including storytelling, data visualization, and various other areas of human experience and understanding. The following are a collection of knowledge types, concepts and knowledge management practices.


  • A Posteriori
  • A Priori
  • Dispersed Knowledge
  • Domain Knowledge
  • Independent Knowledge
  • Know-how
  • Known Unknowns
  • Myth
  • Qualitative Data
  • Situated Knowledge
  • Tacit Knowledge
  • Unknown Unknowns


  • Artificial Knowledge
  • Half-life Of Knowledge
  • Information Asymmetry
  • Knowledge Capital
  • Knowledge Economy
  • Knowledge Product
  • Knowledge Velocity
  • Outside Context Problem
  • Pessimistic Induction

Intellectual Property

  • Defensive Publication
  • Prior Art


  • Anti-Information
  • Disinformation
  • Filter Bubble
  • Knowledge Loss
  • Knowledge Waste

Knowledge Management

  • Body Of Knowledge
  • Data
  • Knowledge Processes
  • Meta Knowledge
  • Storytelling
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