Brand Objectives

Brand Objectives

Brand Objectives Jonathan Poland

Brand objectives refer to the specific goals that a brand is working towards. These goals can be both long-term end-goals, such as increasing revenue or expanding market share, as well as intermediate steps towards these end-goals, such as improving the brand’s image or positioning in the market. In order to effectively achieve their brand objectives, companies often need to develop and implement a range of strategies, including marketing and advertising efforts, product development and innovation, and customer service initiatives. By setting clear brand objectives and working towards them, companies can better align their efforts and resources in order to achieve their desired outcomes. The following are common brand objectives.

Identity & Image
Establishing an identity for a brand in the market. Measured with surveys that discover how a brand is viewed by your target market.

The percentage of customers who recognize your brand name and visual symbols such as logo, packaging, brand colors and products.

Brand awareness is the percentage of customers who can recall your brand. For example, top of mind awareness is the percentage of customers who name your brand first when given a product category such as “coffee.”

A measure of how often customers interact with your brand. Interactions are defined by you and can include things like visiting your website, visiting a location, making an order and reviewing a product.

Brand Loyalty
The number of customers who regularly purchase your brand.

Brand Advocate
The number of customers who recommend your brand to others.

Brand Equity
The estimated value of your brand.

Market Share
The percentage of your target market that are customers.

Revenue margins of a brand driven by factors such as brand identity, brand awareness, brand legacy and premiumization of products.

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