Performance Improvement Plan

Performance Improvement Plan

Performance Improvement Plan Jonathan Poland

A performance improvement plan (PIP) is a formal document that outlines specific goals and objectives that are assigned to an employee who has not been meeting expectations or performing at the level required by their job. These goals and objectives are designed to help the employee improve their performance and meet the expectations of their role.

Performance improvement plans are often implemented after an employee has received a poor performance review, and are intended to give the employee an opportunity to improve before more serious consequences, such as dismissal, are considered. A PIP may include specific targets for improvement, as well as a timeline for achieving those targets. It may also outline any additional support or resources that will be provided to the employee to help them improve their performance.

Performance improvement plans can be an effective tool for helping employees who are struggling to meet the expectations of their role. By providing clear goals and expectations, as well as support and resources to help the employee achieve those goals, a PIP can help to improve performance and prevent the need for more drastic measures. However, if an employee is unable to meet the targets outlined in the PIP, dismissal may be considered as a last resort.

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