Technology Theories

Technology Theories

Technology Theories Jonathan Poland

A technology theory is a broad idea that has significant implications for technology and its effects on society and culture. These theories often consist of patterns, trends, methods, and fundamental principles that can be used to gain a deep understanding of technology. This type of broad understanding is generally more valuable than specific knowledge about technology, such as how to set up a particular device. Examples of useful technology theories include the following.

  • Accelerating Change
  • Accidental Complexity
  • Backward Invention
  • Complexity Cost
  • Cultural Lag
  • Dematerialization
  • Digital Convergence
  • Domestication Of Technology
  • Emergence
  • Existential Risk
  • Feature Fatigue
  • Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Garbage In Garbage Out
  • Media Convergence
  • Medicalization
  • Moore’s Law
  • Network Effect
  • New Complexity
  • Precautionary Principle
  • Pre-crime
  • Progress Trap
  • Sum of Parts
  • Superintelligence
  • Systems Theory
  • Technological Determinism
  • Technological Singularity
  • Technology Winter
  • Unintended Consequences

NOTE: Technologies change are created and become obsolete regularly and some of the theories on this list may be out of date when you read or in the future.

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