What are Field Services?

What are Field Services?

What are Field Services? Jonathan Poland

Field service involves managing and deploying resources and assets at customer, public, and third-party locations, as well as providing services at these locations. It may also involve managing assets in transit. The goal of field service is to effectively manage and maintain assets and resources to ensure they are available and functioning properly at all times. This may involve tasks such as scheduling maintenance, repairing equipment, and providing training or support to customers. The following are illustrative examples of field service.

A telecom company manages infrastructure deployed at customer locations, colocation centers and on public land.

A home healthcare provider manages and supports medical equipment in service in people’s homes. They also offer home healthcare services such as visits by a nurse.

A public utility performs maintenance on an electric grid located mostly on public land.

A leasing company services HVAC equipment installed at a customer location.

Food Service
A food service company operates restaurants in hospitals, government buildings and corporate locations.

A fast moving consumer goods company manages vending machines and self-service kiosks deployed at distributed locations. This is mostly focused on regularly stocking inventory at each site.

A transportation company manages a network of electric vehicle charging stations that are often deployed at third party sites.

A solar company manages commercial solar installations that are mostly installed on the roofs of customer facilities. For example, the company performs regular preventative maintenance on equipment.

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