What is Leadership?

What is Leadership?

What is Leadership? Jonathan Poland

Leadership is the act of guiding and directing a group towards a common goal. It involves navigating social dynamics and influencing others through various cognitive and social means. Challenges in leadership often arise due to office politics and the complex factors that influence people’s behavior and decision-making. Leadership style refers to the way in which a leader uses social influence to achieve goals. It is often associated with an individual’s personality, but it is also common for individuals to adapt their style to fit different situations. The following are examples of leadership styles.

  • Abundance Mentality
  • Authoritarian Leadership
  • Bias For Action
  • Charismatic Authority
  • Command And Control
  • Cosmopolitanism
  • Countersignaling
  • Creative Leadership
  • Cruel Wit
  • Curiosity Drive
  • Fake It Till You Make It
  • Humble Leadership
  • Paternalistic Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • Taking The High Road
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Understatement

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