Performance Objectives

Performance Objectives

Performance Objectives Jonathan Poland

Performance objectives are goals that individuals set for themselves on a regular basis, such as quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. These objectives are often required to meet the criteria of being specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound, commonly referred to as SMART goals. One of the most challenging aspects of setting performance objectives is finding a way to measure progress, as many important tasks may not have clear and direct methods of measurement. The following are illustrative examples of performance objectives.


Develop a strategy for a new benefit for loyalty card members that is accepted by stakeholders. Measurements: delivery on time, acceptance by stakeholders, increase loyalty card membership to 20% of customers within 6 months of implementation.

Project Management

Deliver the ___ project within schedule and budget. Measurement: budget variance, schedule variance, stakeholder acceptance, performance feedback from stakeholders.

Graphic Design

Deliver assigned work within committed schedule to client satisfaction. Measurement: on-time delivery of work, client satisfaction survey.

IT Operations Manager

Implement process improvements to improve uptime of core services. Measurement: availability of 99.99% for customer portal, mean-time-to-repair of less than 3 hours.


Deliver a design document for the ___ project. Measurement: on-time delivery, approval by stakeholders, feedback from lead architect.


Close sales to achieve sales quota. Measurement: monthly recurring revenue of $130,000.

Sales Manager

Manage deals to improve gross margins. Measurement: gross margins of at least 22% total for deals closed by team.

Customer Service

Deliver timely, helpful and accurate service to customers. Measurement: first contact resolution %, average customer satisfaction rating.

Human Resources

Recruit motivated and skilled candidates to support the growth of the team. Measurement: % of positions filled, salary within range, % of new hires that pass probationary period, feedback from hiring manager.


Increase the sales of the ___ service by releasing new features that customers find compelling. Measurement: launch at least one new feature, increase new subscriptions by 7% over last quarter, product development costs within budget.

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