Sales Activities

Sales Activities

Sales Activities Jonathan Poland

A sales activity is any action or task that a salesperson undertakes in order to achieve revenue. This can include a wide range of activities, from strategic planning and preparation, to communication with potential or existing customers, to administrative work related to the sales process.

Sales activities can vary greatly depending on the industry, company, and sales team involved. In some cases, salespeople may be responsible for managing the entire sales process from start to finish, including tasks such as billing and order fulfillment. By engaging in a variety of sales activities, salespeople can improve their chances of success and help their companies generate revenue. The following are common examples.

Billing / Payment Processes Closing
Cold Calling Collateral Development

Conferences Contact Reviews
Cross-selling Customer Emails / Messaging
Customer Relationship Management Customer Research
Customer Return on Investment Modeling Customer Satisfaction
Data Capture Deal Approvals
Draft Contract First Call / Contact
Fulfilling Order Identifying Decision Makers
Incident Management Margin Calculations
Market Intelligence Meeting Proposals
Meeting Scheduling Needs Analysis
Negotiation Post Sales Follow-up
Presentations Problem Management
Product Demonstrations Product Training
Promotional Events Proof of Concept
Proposals Prospecting
Prototyping Public Speaking
Qualifying Quotations
Relationship Building Request for Proposal (RFP)
Request for Quotation (RFQ) Sales Calls
Sales Meetings Solution Design
Solution Pitch Submitting Order
Upselling Win-Loss Analysis
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