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Stakeholders are individuals or groups who have an interest or concern in something, especially a business. For example, in a corporation, stakeholders might include shareholders, employees, customers, and suppliers. The concept of stakeholders is important because it recognizes that a business has responsibilities not just to its shareholders, but also to other groups who are affected by its actions.

The owners of a business. Investors typically have a right to accurate and timely information such as regular financial statements. They may also have the right to approve or reject major decisions such as mergers & acquisitions.

The creditors of a business typically have rights such as access to accurate and timely financial information.

The communities that are impacted by your business. For example, your impact on the quality of life, environment and economy of a city.

Trade Unions
Trade unions may be informed and consulted about things such as worker safety.

Employees and other individual contributors to your organization.

Government agencies such as regulatory bodies and taxation authorities.

Partners such as suppliers and distribution partners.

Customers who depend on your products and services.

Internal Stakeholders
Internal stakeholders are stakeholders by virtual of their role in your organization. For example, your board of directors, executive managers, auditors, business units, internal customers, operations teams, subject matter experts and users.

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